Rupen Samani – Board Member

Mr. Samani is the Director of Strategy and Business Development of the AMS Group, Owner of AMS Properties Ltd, and Viva Productline Ltd.  He is actively involved in philanthropic activities in Kenya and serves as an integral advisor to Building Blocks for Change.  Mr. Rupen brings business acumen and strong resources to our project planning.

Sam Slaughter – Team Member

Sam first traveled to Kenya on a fellowship after graduating from Harvard with an engineering degree in 2009.  After living in the country for several months, Sam began to recognize the need for sustainable energy solutions for the 80% of people in the region who live without access to power.   He co-founded WindGen Power to provide wind and solar power solutions to meet the region’s growing energy needs.  Sam is fascinated by developing markets and the process of meeting people’s needs with pragmatic and effective solutions.

Alastair Smith- Team Member

Alastair co-founded WindGen Power and PowerGen after graduating from Harvard Engineering Program in 2009.  His knowledge of off-grid renewable energy technologies has been instrumental in the design and implementation of Building Blocks’ projects.  Alastair is in Kenya full time building his businesses and giving his time to BBFC while assisting with project identification and development.

Mark Wopicho- Team Member

Mark Wopicho is a co-founder of WindGen Power East Africa and PowerGen Renewable Energy. He has a background in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He previously worked for a Kenyan wind energy company providing off-grid energy solutions to mobile telecom companies. He was also involved in developing the Kenyan wind map and has worked in different roles in the energy sector. He brings deep knowledge of the Kenyan renewable energy sector to the team.


Erin Hessey – Team Member

Erin is a full time student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a strong passion for social impact investing in Africa. Erin discovered this passion on a trip she took to Kenya in 2011. She is one of our first volunteers and we could not be more excited to have her as part of the Building Blocks team. Erin helped organize and manage our annual gala in 2014 and will be assisting in the setup of our Women’s Health Clinic in Kibera, Kenya.