Energy Microgirds

Building Blocks for Change is working to install and operate renewable energy microgrids across East Africa in rural communities to power schools, homes, and businesses.  Our goal is to bring economic stability through subsidized energy.  This social impact investment model is unique in its design and purpose, aiding individuals and businesses to climb the energy ladder out of poverty

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Kibera Health Clinic

Building Blocks for Change in partnership with Care for Kenya is planning to set up a health program in Kibera slum that will provide basic health and health care services to women and children.  This health facility will be registered and run by trained staff, thereby vastly increasing the women and children’s chances of receiving reliable healthcare at our facility.  The focus areas of health include HIV/AIDS, maternal health and childcare vaccinations.

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Many Hopes: Orphanage

Building Blocks for Change has partnered with Many Hopes to build 4 homes for boys to house a total of 60 new children as part of the Many Hopes 2013 campaign. Many Hopes builds homes and schools for girls and boys in Kenya then they create local business to sustain them.  The organization was founded in 2007 by British journalist Thomas Keown and Kenyan journalist Anthony Mulongo. The goal of Many Hopes is to fight the corruption and poverty that exploits children.

Many Hopes Summary
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Siana Primary Boarding School

In June of 2013 BBFC finished work on the Siana boarding school located 90 kms SouthWest of Narok town, near the Ololaimutiek gate of Masaai Mara game reserve in Kenya. Siana is now home to 1240 students 1000 of those as boarding students. The facility is made up of 31 classrooms, five dorms, library, one staffroom, and seven offices. 

Before BBFC got involved, Siana was spending close to $1,000 a month on energy for school and security lighting, computers, and cooking activities and still struggling to properly operate the facilities.  There was no hope of ever expanding the schools programs without aid.

BBFC installed a hybrid wind and solar system to power all the school’s existing facilities along with their library and computer lab growth plans.  The school is now running wholly on a renewable energy system purchased from a Kenyan manufacturer to support local business. This project has greatly reduced the school’s monthly costs, allowing funds to be spent on more important areas related to health and education as well as provide students with a brighter, safer, living environment