There is great vision and hope in this world for developing nations but without basic structures and facilities the developing world will continue to have difficulty growing and the poverty gap will continue to widen. Without the fundamental infrastructure developments in a community, other forms of aid have little way to make impact and local communities do not reach their full growth potential. By giving communities the tools to realize shared goals through facilitated interaction and by building the capacity of local organizations to select, oversee and manage projects, we promote stability, self-sufficiency and enhance the ability of millions to engage their local governments.

As such, the development and maintenance of modern infrastructure is an essential ingredient for sustained economic growth and increased standards of living. Communication, irrigation, transportation, power, and shelter help lay the fundamental groundwork for more productive, healthy populations capable of contributing to sustained economic growth. 

Improving communications gives business owners and communities the ability to connect and create more transactions than otherwise possible. Improved transportation infrastructure allows those in rural areas access to large urban market places and networks. Providing power to schools and communities allow longer hours of business and education and reduced operational expenses, enhancing the economic potential of a community in both the short and long term. Developing institutions dedicated to healthcare and shelter enhance standards of living creating more productive populations.

 Each of our development projects is strategically targeted to impact communities in a way that will have the greatest possible effect on local business, education, and health. We conduct extensive research on communities throughout Kenya and find projects that will be the most beneficial to the community at large.”