The Care for Kenya Clinic and Education Facility is currently running an incredibly dynamic program geared to teach the women of the community about the things that matter most to them. The program is 8 weeks of classes spanning a diverse array of topics including women’s health and empowerment, nutrition, sanitation, HIV awareness, small business and micro finance, sewing and garment creation, literacy (both mathematics and reading/writing). The class modules are based on both the needs and desires of the women of Kibera and the curriculums are designed and taught by Kenyan natives. We currently have the capacity to enroll 100 women per 8 week block and are very excited to expand and continue educating the community.

We also have begun a childcare and feeding program, as requested and organized by the women in the community. Women who are enrolled can bring their children at no cost to a daycare at the clinic, in which their children get fed twice throughout the day. Women who are not enrolled in or who drop out of the program are charged the equivalent of 34 cents per day for their children’s care, which keeps this program sustainable and incentives enrollment and dedication to the program. The benefits this will have on children’s development and nutrition is enormous. In addition, mothers have ability to attend class and work throughout the rest of the day, which is an incredible benefit to the women of the community. This area of the program has already doubled since February, and the demand is outstanding.

The HIV/AIDS testing, maternal care and cervical cancer screening will begin once we have approval from the Kenyan Health Board, which we are waiting on now. We have two rooms set up now and all equipment purchased for this Phase 1 launch. We plan to start the pilot phase summer 2014. We have a local nurse and community leader, named Lameck, dedicated to the project who is leading the team and making sure we are able to supply the community women and children with healthcare, HIV testing, and immunizations as soon as possible.