Who We Are

Building Blocks for Change is the sustainable construction arm for international aid. We believe that inadequate infrastructure is one of the most binding constraints on development and growth of all kinds.

By developing and maintaining essential infrastructure we can effectively lay down the building blocks and foundations for growth to reduce poverty and enhance standards of living.

What We Do

Building Blocks for Change works to pave the roads for change and help connect the world while building strong foundations for growth. We do this through partnering with nonprofits and social impact corporations to construct the infrastructure needed to expand their impact

Overall we believe that these developments will lead to nations with greatly increased rates of growth, reduction of poverty, and all around improved standards of living.

Our Mission

Building Blocks for Change lays the foundations for growth and expands aid through sustainable infrastructure projects. Projects that provide power, communication, irrigation, transportation, and shelter push programs that lead to better education, greater global connectivity, growing economies, and higher standards of living.


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